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Geopolitical Security Issues: Iran’s nuclear program heats up; America’s incredibly dangerous strategic disaster; growing, credible Russian military threat in Europe; Baghdad rocked by growing pro-democracy protests; Turkish leader may not come to Was



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Subject: Geopolitical Security Issues: Iran's nuclear program heats up; America's incredibly dangerous strategic disaster; growing, credible Russian military threat in Europe; Baghdad rocked by growing pro-democracy protests; Turkish leader may not come to Washing


Geopolitical Security Issues: Iran's nuclear program heats up; America's incredibly dangerous strategic disaster; growing, credible Russian military threat in Europe; Baghdad rocked by growing pro-democracy protests; Turkish leader may not come to Washington 


France shifts position regarding Iran's nuclear program. Yesterday French President Emmanuel Macron accused Iran of signaling a willingness to abandon the 2015 nuclear deal, calling Tehran's decision to fuel centrifuges at the underground Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant a "profound shift." Until now Macron was leading Europeans to find a diplomatic solution to the Iranian-U.S. crisis. Now, Macron's words suggest a shift in his approach which could well be joined by others. Comment: Iran is becoming desperate for economic relief and its behavior is demonstrating that desperation. Specifically, it carried out the massive attack on Sept. 14th against the Saudi oil infrastructure. This week it not only fueled more than a thousand centrifuges that will quickly violate the 2015 nuclear deal's constraints but it also put on line new centrifuges that are 10 times faster than previous models. Meanwhile, Israel is watching closely and given that government's current state of alert and recent strikes against Iranian proxy targets in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon nothing should be ruled out to include a direct attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. 


America's incredibly dangerous strategic disaster. Wake up and understand America is being incredibly naïve about Chinese plans and that's no exaggeration. The Chinese intend to take over the world using technology, specifically "5G," the fifth generation of wireless communication. How? Consider the following: 


• Newt Gingrich correctly warned earlier this year: "In the very near future, dominating the wireless world will be tantamount to dominating the world." That's what the Chinese intend to do.

• Beijing is spreading and seeks to control the world with 5G technology which is 2,000 times faster than existing 4G networks and will permit near-universal connectivity to homes, vehicles, machines, robots, and everything connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

• What does control of 5G mean? It would give Beijing the ability to drive cars off cliffs, unlock front doors, and turn off pacemakers. Nothing tethered to the Internet would be out of reach to include your bank account and our national secrets.

• China intends to use Huawei Technologies, a government controlled company, aimed at the heart of every western nation. This is an existential threat. We should shutdown all Huawei business in the U.S. and threaten to cut-off businesses overseas that use Huawei products. Yes, it is that dangerous and time is short.

Chinese President Xi's China Dream is a serious goal, world dominance by the year 2050.  That is possible IF we don't get serious about the threat posed by that communist regime.  I encourage you to consider the overwhelming evidence of that fact in my 2018 book Alliance of Evil.


Russian ground threat in Europe credible and growing. A new RAND report indicates Russian investments since 2000 in ground, missile, artillery and electronic warfare capabilities has resulted in a Russian military that is highly mobile and capable of capturing and holding European territory. That report, "Trends in Russia's Armed Forces," carefully studied Russia's experience fighting in Ukraine which demonstrates a robust combat capability. Further, Russia's operations in Syria allowed Moscow valuable knowledge in expeditionary warfare. Meanwhile, the U.S. has lost its major combat edge because of two decades of fighting insurgencies which resulted in a degradation of its ability to fight near-peer competitors like Russia and China. Comment: I address the Russian and Chinese military build-up, capabilities and our own decline in Alliance of Evil. This is serious as evidenced by the Pentagon's focus like a laser on these two – Russia and China – adversaries. Unfortunately the current budget battles threaten the Pentagon's ability to address the growing capability gaps between our forces and the emergent capabilities evidenced by Beijing and Moscow. 


President ties Looming government shutdown to border wall. President Trump said he would sign a stopgap spending bill, so long as it doesn't restrict his ability to continue building the border wall.   The deadline for the bill is Nov. 22. A White House spokesman said the president "wants to see a clear CR [continuing resolution] that does not impede him in any way or tie his hands in carrying out his policy priorities." Evidently the Senate Majority Leader and the House Speaker have discussed Dec. 31 as a goal to reach an agreement to fund the government.


Iraqi protests grow as death toll climbs. Protests continue to grow in Iraq as demonstrators this week blocked three main bridges into Baghdad. The protests are spurred by a growing push back against the political elite such as Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi who has overseen the killing of 260 protesters. The protesters demand the removal of the factions and political elites that came to power in the years following the downfall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. 


Turkish president may not come to Washington next week. Evidently Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is reconsidering his planned trip to Washington. Both sides considered the trip helpful as a means to repair their crumbling relations. However, if Ankara cancels the visit, then that decision could further burn bridges with the White House, something Congress has already done by imposing sanctions on Turkey for its October offensive in northeastern Syria. Comment: Turkey is growing closer to Russia which threatens its membership in NATO and may chart a new path for both Ankara and Moscow in the Mideast.  This is a development that has the attention of biblical prophecy watchers who interpret Ezekiel's Gog and Magog as implicating both nations in an end times scenario.


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Author of a 2018 book by Defender: Alliance of Evil



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