Monday, October 29, 2018

Kunstler: Midterms Will Mark A Shift From "Total Culture War" To "All-Out Civil War" | Zero Hedge  


The Democratic Party could not be more in tune with this monster mash of collapse politics. The party has been living in a haunted house of its own construction for much of this century, and methodically adding to its roster of resident blood beasts month by month in an orgy of monster creation. 


They remind me of the chanting and stomping "natives" in any of the long line of King Kong movies, summoning the giant ape to the gate of their Great Wall so as to scare off the party of feckless white adventurers from faraway Hollywood. Only in this edition of the story, King Kong is the Golden Golem of Greatness at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and it annoys him greatly to be summoned by these tiny savages beating their drums. Of course, America-the Horror-Movie doesn't add up as a coherent narrative. And so the nation sinks into bloody incoherence.


The Democratic Party war on white people and their dastardly privilege has been the theme all year long, with its flanking movement against white men especially and super-especially the hetero-normative white male villains who rape and oppress everybody else. Anyway, that's the strategy du jour. I'm not persuaded that it's going to work so well in the coming election. The party could not have issued a clearer message than "white men not welcome here." Very well, then, they'll vote somewhere else for somebody else.