Monday, August 13, 2018

Author warns of 'tsunami of voter fraud' in November - World Tribune: Window on the Real World  


Eggers concluded: "I actually think that because of the lax oversight and the organized effort, motivated like never before, to take back the House, take back the Senate, impeach the president, end ICE, I think we're actually poised for a tsunami of voter fraud."


Leftist organizations funded by George Soros work to cut off efforts to implement voter-ID laws, Eggers said. The same organizations also work to stop those who seek to prevent double-voting by persons registered to vote in multiple states.


The Soros-funded organizations "both fight to keep those vulnerabilities in place, as in Ohio, by trying to prevent efforts to pass voter-ID laws or to make the voter rolls more secure; but then they also – and this is really the insidious part – they fund organizations that go out and round up voters, regardless of legality of their status, and force them through the vulnerabilities in the system," Eggers said.


"There are 248 counties in this country that have more registered voters than actual citizens of legal voting age. It's a problem because it creates opportunity for organizations like the formerly known ACORN and La Raza – they're all funded by Soros – to go and figure out where the vulnerabilities are and force the voters – whether they're legal or not – through the gaps."