Friday, October 20, 2017

Parshat Mishpatim - My Name Is In Him...Real interesting article..

Real interesting article….

It doesn't mean that the name "Yah" must somehow literally be pre-fixed to the name of Messiah, as many "Sacred Name" proponents rigorously insist upon.

Because of this theology some people believe that Messiah's name must be "Yah-shua", or something like "Yahu-shua" or some other similar made-up version.

Other than knowing for certain from scripture that the Messiah's name is pronounced "Yeshua", blessed be his name, we also know that these other versions spoken of amongst the "Sacred Name" movement are names that never have been an actual Hebrew name given to a Jewish son throughout history.

Furthermore, these names that are fabricated to accommodate the "sacred name" theology are cobbled together by those who do not possess a fluid understanding of Biblical Hebrew, and/or don't come from a Jewish background, and simply lack understanding of Jewish and Hebrew culture spanning from ancient times to this day.