Monday, September 17, 2012

‘The Hope and the Change’

The Barack Obama of 2008, the inspiring candidate whose soaring rhetoric transfixed a nation, is about to reemerge in a film meant to alter the course of the current campaign. The Obama of four years ago will again be seen at the height of his powers, transporting vast throngs of supporters to a promised land blessed by a new kind of politics.


Through the course of the film, the subjects tell how their hope turned to disappointment, as the economy floundered and Obama focused on health-care reform and presided over an explosion in government spending. “It actually is a feeling that I would best describe as resentment,” said one of the disillusioned.
“As I looked at that film, I understand why Chicago”—the Obama campaign—“never goes back to reminding people what they felt in 2008,” says Caddell. “Politically, this speaks to what really is the Obama crisis.”
Bannon says he sees his movie as “a referendum film,” which, of course, neatly fits the election framework that the Romney camp is hoping for.
Advertising spots are already being cut, and will serve the duel purpose of promoting the film and signaling to voters hesitant about an Obama reelection that they are not alone.

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