Sunday, July 08, 2012

An Economic Rationale for Resurrecting Neanderthals: the Nephilim?

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We’ve found their DNA. As soon as practical let’s use these building blocks of life to birth a few Neanderthals. As a mere economist I’m not qualified to discuss how we could accomplish this, but people do think it will eventually be possible, perhaps through cloning.
The economic benefits of resurrecting a few Neanderthals could be enormous.
A small quantity of matings with Neanderthals was enough to cause some of their genes to become commonplace among modern man, hinting that their genes gave us something of significant value.
And if this did happen it’s possible that these few matings weren’t enough for them to give us everything of genetic worth that they possessed.
Of course, even if their genes did confer a survival advantage it might have been for entirely non-cognitive reasons such as providing us with greater resistance to cold weather.
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