Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arrogant Obama “Warns” Congressa and will have the power to kill off political enemies

Prophecy Hour Radio News Presents this from
Western Jounalisam
And what are the President’s constitutional concerns? Why, Congressional “…encroachment on the President’s exclusive authorities related to international negotiations,” of course!
It seems Obama has decided that the only unacceptable, constitutional abuse of federal power contained in the Act involves an assault on HIS “exclusive authority.”
And Obama repeats this concern throughout the Statement, chiding Congress for its obvious lack of respect for what he apparently believes an unlimited power to make treaties or “retire, dismantle or eliminate” the nation’s nuclear and conventional arsenals, indeed for “…the Executive branch’s ability to carry out its military, national security and foreign relations activities…”
More than once, the petulant President threatens a veto of the Act should Congress not come to its collective senses and allow him full exercise of the dictatorial authority that he apparently believes to have come with the job.
Should he be re-elected, Barack Obama will have the power to kill off political enemies via the Patient Protection Act and imprison those who happen to survive!
November is shaping up as the most important month in the past 200 years!
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