Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obama Executive Order Imposes Martial Law On United States

On Friday evening Barack Hussein Obama signed into existence “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” an Executive Order which will afford the president dictatorial powers over the nation and the American people whenever he chooses to implement it.
Some of the more important—and frightening—dictates of the Obama decree:
The President can place the Order in effect virtually whenever and for whatever reason he wishes.
Although related to the Defense Production Act of 1950, written as a result of the Korean War, the current Executive Order makes it clear that the nation need not be at war or threatened with aggression by outside forces to be implemented.
The Order specifically states that it may be activated in peacetime.
All actions of the Order are ultimately controlled by the President. Obama has appointed the National Security Council and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano as the “integrated policymaking forum” for all Order policies.
All commerce will be conducted according to the demands of the President.
All “services, materials and facilities” may be commandeered by the President “as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense…”

Regulations will be issued by the President’s representatives, establishing nationwide standards and procedures of production. The entire economy will literally work under the President’s direction. He and his representatives will also decide how all important resources shall be apportioned. They will “control the general distribution of any material (including applicable services) to the civilian market.”
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