Thursday, June 22, 2017

California bans state travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky | The Sacramento Bee

Dems fear Pelosis San Francisco values sinking party

Court protects Christian bakers from demands they promote homosexuality

NASA's new assignments: Find aliens, prove evolution

Euthanasia pioneer alarmed by what he unleashed

Private investigators: Seth Rich murder evidence vanishing

State to do what it takes to end church's prolife ministry

1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers: Audit - Washington Times

Good riddance to the Russia myth and blame Team Obama for promoting it | New York Post

Trump: I Did Not Record Conversations With James Comey - NBC News

Earth set for an 'asteroid encounter' THIS WEEK and 750ft space rock could be 'potentially hazardous'

Senate GOP Health Bill to Break With House Bill on Key Points - Bloomberg

Not quite half of American teens have had sex by 18. That's actually low. - The Washington Post

What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln - Chicago Tribune