Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible -

Does Judaism Believe in the Apocalypse? - Questions

New CA Bill Outlaws Helping Anyone with Unwanted Same-Sex Desires or Gender Confusion - California Family Council

Legal Analysis - CA AB 2943.pdf - Google Drive,,EFFORT TO BAN BIBLICAL BOOKS etc

Breaking Christian News

Trump Administration Works to Restore Protections to Doctors Who Object to Performing Sex Changes

Congressman Louie Gohmert Just Absolutely Wrecked Robert Mueller With Epic 48-Page Investigative Blowout; We Have it Here - True PunditTrue Pundit

Gohmert Mueller UNMASKED | Federal Bureau Of Investigation | United States Government

Inside the Confidential N.F.L. Meeting to Discuss National Anthem Protests - The New York Times

North and South Korea to officially end war after 65 years, new report says

Comey's memo leak contact had 'special government employee' status at FBI | Fox News

Giuliani reopens negotiations about presidential interview with Mueller, but cautions special counsel that Trump remains resistant - The Washington Post

Climate change is 'not as bad as we thought' say scientists | UK | News |

Iran Threatens to Sink U.S. Ships If Donald Trump Kills Nuclear Deal - Geller Report

Three cups of joe every day protects against cancer, diabetes, heart disease according to coffee study from the U.K. -

Norwegian politician wants to ban 'annoying' Muslim call to prayer | Daily Mail Online

YouTube channels are showing sick images of bestiality as clickbait | Daily Mail Online

'Bitcoin is a scam', founding PayPal CEO Bill Harris claims | Daily Mail Online

Golden State Killer suspect arrested in California, reports say | Fox News

World War 3: Turkey President Erdogan calls for army of Islam to wage war against Israel | World | News |